Thursday, September 20, 2012


My omnipresent fascination with the Moon comes out again in this work, alongside my love of all things that Mother Nature has given us. To me there seems to be a Wisdom and Strength in Trees, I am always on the lookout for awesome specimens that I can share through my art.
I have always believed in fairies and beings from the other realm........after all, there are too many stories about them for them not to be real...........right?!
 I have also had the great fortune of discovering some amazing works of art in the form of Doors whilst on my travels. The Fairy Door in this painting was inspired by a photo I took recently while in Krakow, Poland
 Watercolour on 300gsm Paper
Size in mm - 297 x 390
Size in inches - 11.9 x 15.6




Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This painting started out just as a moonlit sunset with a tree and evolved into a whimsical fairy tree with curly branches and a fairy door, then the fairy made an appearance.  Up until now I have never really tried to draw people or people-like creatures, but that is slowly changing and practice will make perfect.  They say that drawing the human form is one of the hardest things to master.........I'll get there.
I used retarder medium experimentally to produce the cloud-like formations and I'm pleased with the effect it created.  I love the colour combination chosen for the background, I think it works nicely.

Acrylic on Canvas
 Size in mm - 250 x 300 x 35
Size in inches - 10 x 14" x 1.4
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