Sunday, December 4, 2011


This painting started out as a drawing of a mushroom on it's own and evolved to include a few of my other favourite things.  I have always had a fascination with mushrooms and the way they just appear in random places after a good bit of rain.  As a child I always hoped to find a ring of mushrooms that had held host to a fairy party the night before......I think I only ever found one!
The field of dandelions was inspired by the masses of them I have been seeing around my neighbourhood over the past few weeks, while either walking to work or walking for exercise.  They have been a delight to see with their little yellow heads blanketing the previously unexciting grass.  Unfortunately though, I have noticed a lack of bees, totally unlike the amount seen when I was little and sitting in the middle of clover patches......very worrying indeed.
Then of course the dragonflies, fairy and moon just begged to be added!

150mm x 300mm
Acrylics on Canvas - Ready to Hang
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